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Investing in Regenerative Agriculture: Restoring Land and Building Durable Economies

Over several months, I led the writing and research for this project. The whitepaper is an overview of shifts in US agriculture over the last century, how agriculture is funded, and the restorative impact potential of funding regenerative farm projects. The Steward team collaborated to finalize, review, and design graphics for the finished project.

What story Do You Need to Tell?

Whitepapers provide an opportunity to inform potential clientele while also introducing them to your business or organization—a great way to engage potential partners, investors, and clients.

“Joel was a superb addition to the Steward team. He is a fantastic collaborator and dynamically applied his knowledge of both copywriting and sustainable agriculture to project an image perfectly in keeping with the mission and vision of our company. He delivered and received constructive criticism with grace and real team spirit. We would love to work with Joel in the future.”.

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