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Domaine Jullien Guillon

Email interviews allowed me to learn the story behind Jullien Guillon’s vineyard and winery in the heart of the Swiss Alps. His website text now communicates that story—his background and education, the value of bio-dynamic practices, the pleasures of natural wine, and the heritage of Swiss viticulture. Brief conversations and follow-up reviews allowed input into the finished product without taking crucial time away from day-to-day farm work. Jullien’s website now reflects to an international export market the quality of care he commits to his craft.

Steward Farm Profiles

I have provided copywriting support to the Steward network of sustainable and regenerative farms since early 2019. In addition to grant support, whitepapers, and investor outreach, I frequently build out text for Farm Profiles. These web pages are designed to communicate the purpose and direction of sustainable farms and educate investors on the value of sustainable practices. In some cases, these farms have secured upwards of $500,000 in capital through the Steward network. Here’s a small sample of supported projects:

Farmfolio Articles

Publishing high quality web content is not only about communicating the narrative of your business; it can also drive traffic and potential clientele to your site. Over a long-term relationship with Farmfolio, I drafted weekly highlight articles for newsletters and topical, SEO-driven website articles to educate investors and increase online engagement. This is a win-win for businesses and readers alike.

“Joel was a superb addition to the Steward team. He is a fantastic collaborator and dynamically applied his knowledge of both copywriting and sustainable agriculture to project an image perfectly in keeping with the mission and vision of our company. He delivered and received constructive criticism with grace and real team spirit. We would love to work with Joel in the future.”

—Steward, The World’s First CrowdFarming Platform

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