Services Provided


You’ve done the work, you know your subject,
you just need some professional help
communicating. Your name is at the
bottom of the page. After all, they’re your
ideas, I’ll just provide the words.

Book Projects

Inclusive packages can be tailored to cover all
aspects of the preparation process:
ghostwriting, copy editing, proofreading, and
submission proposals.

Web content

Clarify your message and make sure your copy
is as effective as your presentation.

Blog Writing

500-1200 word posts can bolster your online
content. Guest blogging for a larger platform
can enhance your portfolio and reach.
(Consultation for submissions, letters of
introduction billed separately)

Article Writing

Expand your reach with a bylined article.
Contributing to an online or print publication
will establish you as a thought-leader in your
field. (Includes phone interview and research)

Copy Editing

Review of written material for grammar,
spelling, style, and punctuation. May involve
minor rewrites to address transitions,
wordiness, and style.


Final review for grammar mistakes,
typographical errors, and minor text and
formatting issues to ensure text is ready for


Add credibility to any type of work or writing
with research and citation support.


Organization, coordination, and other forms
of non-writing project support.