Nikki Pava and Alegria Partners

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During a 14-month partnership, I supported Nikki Pava throughout her development and publication of Green Wisdom: A Guide for Anyone to Start, Engage, and Energize a Sustainability Team. Over the course of the project, this included:

  • Editing, proofreading, and ghostwriting for Green Wisdom
  • Organization of manuscript proposal for publishers
  • Drafting blog content for Alegria Partners
  • Revising and drafting notes for international speaking engagements
  • Conducting and incorporating research to enhance text credibility

Project Feedback

I am blown away that I found someone with the skills, awareness, knowledge, and grace that Joel possesses. I feel so fortunate. I could always count on Joel to find errors and things that needed changes in my writing, and he would present great alternatives and solutions that sounded 100% better than what I’d written! He went above and beyond the job description so many times and it felt good to have him on this writing journey with me for so long. I will hire Joel as much as possible – he’s a gem!

—Nikki Pava, author of Green Wisdom